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Someday all GRC will be made this way…..

Ultra High Quality GRC

Someday all GRC will be made this way…..

Our sister company GRC Synergies has recently published a new specification for Ultra High Quality GRC. From January 2020 all new orders for Spray Process GRC will be manufactured to these requirements.

The specification meets the combined GRCA, PCI and EN standards with the following key enhancements

  • All design and engineering by degree qualified and experienced structural or civil engineers
  • Material characteristic properties determined by proof testing including mix specific flexural strength, anchor pull out, volumetric movement, aged properties, fire characteristics
  • Aggregate reception testing
  • Structured face mix development and testing
  • Independent quality control
  • Daily flexural testing at 1, 7 and 28 days representing de-mould, shipped and conventional ages
  • Weekly density, water absorption, anchor pull out testing
  •  1% population full component destructive testing
  • All testing by independent UKAS accredited laboratories

The adoption of all the above has been phased into our production over the last twelve months and results in products which are no more expensive than GRC produced with far lower quality standards.

For a copy of the specification please visit our downloads section