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MMU Arts and Humanities Building

All production now complete on £1 million GRC design and supply package

MMU Arts and Humanities Building

Works are now completed on the design and supply of GRC cladding elements to the new Manchester Metropolitan University Arts and Humanities building at Oxford Road, Manchester with final site measured cladding to existing building being delivered this week.

This has been a challenging project for all concerned with what appeared to be a simple cladding solution eventually requiring over 250 individual product types across only 1100 total units. All these units required specialist GRC design engineering and mould commissioning. These works were carried out by our supply partners Smart Crosby International and Synergies Moulds respectively.

Installation of the GRC is being undertaken by FK Group who have equally found the increased diversity of elements to present equal challenges during on site fitting on the panels.

However once the façade works are complete the finished project will reflect the architects orginal design intent to provide large format yet relatively lightweight “stone”  cladding which gives the building a substantial and yet contemporary appearance only possible using GRC.