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Syntec GRC is a specialist manufacturer of GRC façade cladding elements and architectural dressings.

We manufacture several different product groups using different manufacturing and quality methods

PREMIX GRC – suitable for architectural dressings such as heads, cills, cornices and small (less than 1m2) cladding panels

UHQGRC – this is our main production method based on Spray Process GRC. It is used for large format cladding panels manufactured to the very highest quality standards anywhere in the world. It is based on Spray Process GRC with significantly enhanced quality control and testing requirements

UHPGRC – whilst our UHQGRC is suitable for any application, including multi story high rise developments where much higher flexural strengths are required for what ever reason these can be achieved with mix and material modifications.

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Manufactured using the Spray Process to the highest standards of quality available.

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Premix GRC

Premix GRC is the simplest method of manufacturing GFRC with a lower flexural strength, ideal for smaller architectural features.

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Based on our UHQGRC currently being developed to offer even higher flexural strengths where required

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Commited to Quality, Service & Price

Whichever of our various types of GRC/GFRC are required we are totally committed to providing the highest quality products, at the most competitive price supported by what we hope is an enhanced customer experience.

Our Premix products fully meet the requirements of the GRCA Specification whilst our more advanced Spray Process UHQGRC are manufactured to our own group specification which both meets and exceeds the GRCA Specification, EN 1169 and PCI MNL-130-09 requirements. All required testing for both these product groups is carried out by UKAS accredited conformity assessment bodies.  GRC/GFRC elements produced from either Premix or UHQGRC will be competitive with competitor pricing.

UHPGRC is produced only for very specific applications demanding higher flexural strengths

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