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Premix GRC

Premix GRC was developed in the 1990s, and is widely used around the world. As the simplest method of manufacturing GRC products, Premix GRC allows for smaller components at reduced cost over other production methods .

Premix GRC is used to manufacture lightweight architectural dressings which would traditionally be produced in wet or dry cast stone. The use of reinforcing fibres and a higher cement content both improves durability whilst resulting in much lighter manufactured products which can more easily be lifted and installed.  It is also suitable for smaller and simple flat cladding panels. Our Premix GRC can be enhanced by the addition of woven AR fibre mats into the tensile zones.

For further details on suggested application for Premix GRC please visit the GRCA’s Specifier’s Guide to GRC.

All our Premix products are made to comply with both the GRCA Specification and EN 1169


Made in Yorkshire

All our Premix products are manufactured at our Rotherham production facility in an area renowned for manufacturing cast stone architectural dressings

Premix GRC usage

Due to the lower flexural strengths of Premix GRC when compared to other GRC production methods, it is universally accepted that it is not used for larger architectural cladding products

GRCA Specifiers Guide


Premix GRC is an ideal alternative for traditional cast stone which has been used as architectural embellishments and dressings for over 300 years. Replicating the appearance of both natural and cast stone, Premix GRC can be used to manufacture lightweight, more durable and environmentally friendly components

Product Data Sheet

For further details please click here to download our latest product data sheet for Premix GRC

Premix GRC Data Sheet

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