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Premix GRC

Premix GRC was developed in the 1990s, and is widely used around the world. As the simplest method of manufacturing GRC products, Premix GRC allows for high quality components at reduced cost.

Unlike spray process manufacture which requires very high levels of skill and experience Premix GRC can be manufactured by relatively inexperienced producers. As the name implies fibres are simply added to the concrete matrix at the mixing stages and then poured or pumped into moulds in a very similar manner to other forms of pre cast concrete.

In order to achieve the required viscosity to fill moulds Premix contains generally shorter AR fibres, typically 13mm at a dosage of around 2-3%. This effectively reduces the ultimate bending strength of the material when compared to GRC manufactured using the Spray Process. As such products manufactured using this process are generally limited to small architectural components such as cills and heads etc. For further details on suggested application for Premix GRC please visit the GRCA’s Specifier’s Guide to GRC.


Manufactured in house

Syntec GRC is not just a reseller or consultancy – we are a specialist GRC manufacturer, producing a range of glassfibre reinforced concrete products, including Premix GRC.

Premix GRC is a relatively simple method of constructing GFRC when compared to Spray or High Performance GRC, and has more in common with traditional concrete manufacturing. The method allows for the addition of alkali-resistant fibres during the mixing processes. The mix is then poured into moulds to create a wide variety of components.

Premix GRC usage

Due to the lower flexural strengths of Premix GRC when compared to other glass reinforced concrete structures, it is recommended that it is not used for larger architectural cladding products.

Common uses include smaller architectural dressings, such as window cills, heads and copings. Larger non-structural items, on the other hand, are generally produced using Spray GRC.

Technical data sheet

For more information on this product, please refer to our download section, where you’ll be able to find a data sheet on Premix GRC.

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