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Ultra High Performance GRC (UHPGRC)

Ultra High Performance Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete is based on our UHQGRC systems but with enhanced flexural strengths

Higher flexural strengths

Based on our Spray Process UHQGRC methodology, advanced and complex additives are included within the concrete matrix to improve flexural strength at both elastic and ultimate levels



Ultimate Quality Control

All our UHPGRC Cladding panels are:

Designed only by recognised degree qualified structural or civil engineers with previous GRC experience and third party reviewed.
All project mix specific material characteristic values confirmed by UKAS accredited testing of flexural strength at 1/7/28 days, anchor pull-out, volumetric movement, aged performance and fire classification.
Reception testing by UKAS accredited laboratories of all naturally occurring aggregates.
Face mix development and testing to prove compatibility with GRC mix by UKAS accredited laboratories.
Enhanced testing frequency (daily) of flexural strengths at 1/7/28 days by UKAS accredited laboratory.
Full scale destructive product testing.
Independent and impartial daily quality control checks.




Our UHPGRC mixes are developed on a project specific basis as high flexural strengths are seldom required in standard cladding situations.

As such all proof testing is done on a project by project basis given the addition of additives can and does also effect fire classifications, volumetric movement and aged performance. These tests can take considerable time (ageing test takes a minimum of 6 months).

Adequate consultation periods should be factored into any consideration of UHPGRC usage


All UHQGRC is project specific – please contact us to discuss your needs and requirements

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