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Ultra High Quality GRC (UHQGRC)

The ultimate evolution of GRC


It is generally accepted Spray Process GRC is one of the most complex materials used in todays construction industry.  However, the quality control systems and testing requirements have evolved little since the 1970s/80s when in-service failure of GRC was not uncommon and restricted the use of the material for decades.

UHQGRC as manufactured at our Rotherham facility and supplied to both the UK and Europe markets is produced against a unique specification which has evolved accepted methodologies into the ultimate system of quality control processes and testing requirements.

This specification not only meets but significantly exceeds:

GRC Specification for Manufacture, Curing & Testing of GRC

EN 1169:1999 – General rules for factory production control of GRC

PCI-MNL-130-09  Manual for quality control plants and production of GFRC




No other GRC is designed and manufactured to such demanding quality requirements

  •  Designed only by recognised degree qualified structural or civil engineers with previous GRC experience and supported by third party review.
  • All project mix specific material characteristic values are confirmed by UKAS accredited testing of flexural strength at 1/7/28 days, anchor pull-out, volumetric movement, aged performance and fire classification.
  •  Reception testing by UKAS accredited laboratories of all naturally occurring aggregates.
  •  Face mix development and testing to prove compatibility with GRC mix by UKAS accredited laboratories.
  • Enhanced testing frequency (daily)  of flexural strengths at 1/7/28 days by UKAS accredited laboratory.
  • Full scale destructive product testing.
  • Independent and impartial daily quality control checks.


This strict approach to manufacture and testing is assumed to be far more costly than Spray Process GRC manufactured to lower standards.

However this isn’t true.

Whilst the overheads involved with these process and testing requirements are certainly expensive these costs are offset by the reliability of the input information used in the design engineering process. This results in products which are often lighter and easier to install than those made using established processes.

Using Syntec UHQGRC is absolutely no more expensive than any other GRC …. often more cost effective.

Specification for Design and Manufacture of UHQGRC

The full specification of how our UHQGRC is manufactured is available as a pdf. download along with the GRCA Specification and PCI MNL 130-09 for comparrsion.

Unfortunately we cannot make EN 1169:1999 available but that’s available for purchase from


Specification for Design & Manufacture of UHQGRC Cladding

Data Sheet

For further details please click here to download our latest product data sheet for UHQGRC

UHQGRC Data Sheet

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